ROMA Foundation


For every pair of rain boots purchased, ROMA Boots donates to a child in need. 


This was ROMA’s mission from the very start back in 2010 when the company was launched. A few years later, CEO and Founder of ROMA, Samuel Bistrian, decided that he wanted to take his philanthropic passion to the next level. Due to his keen desire to serve others, Bistrian decided to have two entities. The first entity was the for-profit side, ROMA Boots, while the second entity was the conduit to carry out the mission of “Giving Poverty The Boot”, Roma For All. Roma For All was later renamed to ROMA Foundation in 2016 when the foundation received their 501(c)(3) status in June.


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What We Do:

ROMA Foundation invests in the lives of children and families by Giving Poverty the Boot! By closely working with our partners, we have donated boots in 33 countries across 6 continents. Our goal is to serve those living in poverty and to create a culture of empowerment.
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