ROMA Boots in Machu Picchu

The ROMA Boots team traveled to Peru to donate close to 190 Boots to children in need, living high up in the mountains of the Sacred Valley.  Working with Living Heart Peru, our team traveled through challenging landscapes, to ensure that we were able to give these well deserving children some joy, and much needed footwear.  It was noticeable when we arrived to our first stop, how difficult the terrain was, and when we looked at the children's feet, we recognized that our trip was worthwhile.  Many of the children walked in sandal-like shoes, made of old rubber from car tires.  Their shoes did nothing to protect their feet from the harsh and sometimes unforgiving climates.  The most interesting and incredible moment of this boot drop, was that immediately after we put boots on the children, there was a downpour of rain.  Someone was watching, and wanted to make it known that they approved.  Do you want to help these children?  Buy a pair of boots, for yourself, your mom, your sibling or friend, and rest assured that your purchase includes a new pair of rain boots for a child in need.


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