Footwear for Children in Need; The Importance of the ROMA Boots Mission

Footwear for Children in Need; The Importance of the ROMA Boots Mission

ROMA Boots has a mission to donate 1 million boots to children in need by 2020.  Our mission, is indeed, critical.  Statistics have shown that there may be as many as 11 million children each year, (30,000 a day), who are dying or have died from preventable or treatable causes.

The World Health Organization states that there are approximately 1.2 billion people in the world who live in extreme poverty (less than one dollar per day).  One of the leading causes of disease and infections come from parasites.  24% of the worlds population, are infected with soil-transmitted infections, which is a parasitic work, that can penetrate skin through the feet.


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Parasites enter the body through the soles of the feet when a person walks barefoot or through ingestion.  ROMA Boots has seen first hand, the conditions that some children live in, sometimes walking barefoot, in poor communities where trash and human waste have made the soil a virtual breeding ground for parasites and deadly organisms.


We can not get around without walking;  it is what human beings do - as such, it is critical that the world's most vulnerable communities receive the proper footwear, particularly the children.  Children are the future of this world, and if one child has died because of a preventable disease, that is one child too many.

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