Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

We love Thanksgiving around Roma Boots HQ. There is so much to be thankful for, wouldn't you agree? We believe the spirit of Thanksgiving ought to be year round, it's what we are all about, but we do love to take one special day to give thanks specifically for all the things in our lives. Our families, homes, shoes on our feet, food on our tables, being dry and warm, cars, our health, our well-being. There is truly so much.  All it takes is going one step out of your comfort zone or into a place that literally has nothing to realize how lucky you are. 

We are thankful for you, too. We are just a wee five years old, but in these five years you have made our wildest dreams happen. What started as a flicker of hope for oppressed people groups has become a real, true and active mission. It's because of you. We can make the logistics here happen, we can even create great rain boots! But, we cannot make you like what we do or purchase boots that provide for children in need. That is all you; you are making a difference in people's lives. That's something to be aware of, not over looked. This year has been unreal as a business, surpassing personal records and working with people of all kinds. We experienced such an increase in business, our little team even had to sleep at headquarters once to fulfill all of your orders. We are still on cloud 9 from last week's event with Sadie Robertson and her family. We could have never dreamt of such an incredible experience or a more kind family. We are thankful to have worked with her and, spoiler alert, this won't be the last you see of her or the Robertson family! 

All this said, we are thankful for this year. We are thankful for you. When we sit at our dining tables this year with a feast before us, we will sit with gratitude. We will think of you. As we raise our glasses for a toast, it will not be forgotten or overlooked how in awe we are of such an unbelievable experience being a part of Roma Boots has been thus far. We await anxiously for what is to come, what is next for us, but today we simply sit exactly where we are right this very moment. For just a day, we do not think ahead, with are thankful and look back on what has happened the last five years. With a sigh of thanks and overwhelming sense of emotion, we once more say, "Thank you." 

Have a happy Thanksgiving, friends. We hope for safe travels, time with family, and fantastic feasts before you. 

-Roma Boots Team


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