Day of Hope

Day of Hope

Everything at Roma revolves around one simple fact: We do what we do to play part in a mission far greater than rain boots.

The ultimate mission for Roma Rain Boots is bringing hope to those who need it. We have said it before, but we will say it again. Rain boots won't cure the hurting and broken. They are merely a bandaid for immediate needs. Roma provides not only immediate needs, but funding and supplies for education. Education is what we believe to be the answer. And, though it will take time, a process of diminishing what once was for so many years, the more children are educated then the more they are equipped to believe in more than their current situations and surroundings. Breaking down all barriers of social standings and generational poverty, we want children in poverty to believe there is always more. 

Ringing in hope as a way to kick off the season of giving is our day of celebration, Day of Hope. Every year a local artist designs a boot specifically for this special day, which is sold in limited quantities. Last year's boot was designed by artist, La Toya Jones. Her boot, originally designed like her art pieces with aged paper and precious stones, was replicated for a beautiful and unique piece. This year's boot is designed by local artist Carolyn Joe Daniel. Her whimsical art is easily noticed, equally unique and inspiring. Her art reflects an adventurous heart, which we are all about here at Roma. You can catch 2015's Day of Hope boot November 29th at our annual Day of Hope celebration. We want you there to join us in what Roma Boots values most: Giving back. 

As always, thank you for everything you do! 

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