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Giving Poverty the Boot

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We can all agree that giving back is essential. And, now more than ever before, there is a consciousness about what we buy and where it is coming from. Is it eco-friendly? Is it made in a fair trade factory? Social media has allowed for a raw look into reality quicker than ever before and it has made an impact on our social awareness. Alongside the choices of what to buy is a desire for action, this longing to change what is broken. For many, though, where there is a desire, the call to action remains a mystery. How do we actually change the world? Social enterprises focusing specifically on this "how" flourish today, because they are the answer so many are looking for. Finally, as a unit we are taking a stand against unethical production and fighting for fair trade for all. We are responding to brokenness not only with compassion, but with practical action. Some can say it’s driven by the millennial generation, but I don’t think that’s entirely true. There is a movement, from all ages and all kinds, fighting in the same battle together.  

Roma Boots is leading the way in unifying people from all across the nation, creating change and giving back. Over the last five years, Roma Boots has done boot drops in five continents and 25 nations. Because of our incredible leadership, and because of you, Roma has been able to provide thousands of boots for children in need as well as provide the necessary funds and tools for education. You can rest assured that our factory is ethical, fair and safe. Our founder and CEO, Samuel Bistrian, chose it himself, traveling to multiple locations, meeting the people there and investigating its conditions. In every facet of Roma, we are fighting up stream for change. Change in the way business is done and change in the world. We realize that sending boots to children is merely a bandaid to a far greater issue, we would be foolish to say we think aid to the poor stops at providing physical, immediate needs. Though these are incredibly important, our boots are simply the segue to that greater issue. Delivering boots to children is our entry way to teaching, educating, creating hope and making change in the world. When you ask Samuel about the very first boot drop Roma ever did, words are hard to find. A smile, a longing from deep within comes upon his face. He laughs a little, he sighs a lot. When Samuel recalls his first boot drop he remembers children on Christmas Eve, many sloshing through the freezing streets of a remote village with their toes exposed. He says that by looking at the village, you would never have known it was Christmas. No lights, no trees, no excitement. That is, until Roma drove up. In their van they slowly rolled into the village with bright red and yellow rain boots. Children swarmed the van, smiles quickly took over sunken faces, and joy was immediately present. Christmas came to that village five years ago, and it was in the form of colorful rain boots.

We have a long way to go to give poverty the boot entirely, but we sure are trying. You can join the movement. Whether it’s a purchase of our boots or traveling with us across the world to deliver a pair first hand, you are making a difference. Do not believe the lie that you can’t make a difference. You are capable of change, you are able to make waves, it takes a simple choice and joining a movement greater than yourself. We are still in awe at what the last five years has entailed. Thank you for making it possible. Will you continue to join us in the movement, giving poverty the boot? 

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