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Welcome Fall!

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Fall has arrived in full swing- there was even a chill to the air this morning as I walked to my car!  Nothing quite gets me excited like a brisk morning and chilly nose. And, although we enjoy the summer time here around Roma Boots, we would be lying if we didn’t say that it’s the cooler weather days that we live for. A cup of pumpkin spice in one hand and a good pair of rain boots sloshing through a cool rainy day is what we call a good day. An even better day is one we get to announce all the new and exciting things coming with Roma Boots this season!

You all know the Emma boot, our classic go-to. But what you don’t know is that they are fully back in stock! Every single one of our core colors -Black, Matte Black, Gray, Red, Yellow, Navy, Plum, and Green- as well as our seasonal colors -Orange, Purple, and Matte Magenta- are back and better than ever just for you.

Above all else, here’s the greatest reason Roma Boots is the rain boot for you this fall: Roma Boots is not just about fashion or keeping your feet dry. Although we have indeed married those two points together well, we have a much larger mission. Our boots inspire and cultivate hope. And, though the season is changing, that mission never will. For every pair of boots bought, Roma provides a pair of boots for a child in need as well as donations for educational supplies. At Roma it is our core belief that the way to give poverty the boot is not only by providing boots to children, but to educate them and give them hope. Hope, the belief that there is more though one cannot see it, helps children to believe that there is more for them in the world. The more children learn, the more they have desire to fight for a way out of poverty and to beat the system of generational repetition. The more they learn, the more they are equipped to do so. By purchasing a pair of our boots, you are providing hope for kids in poverty by giving them a way out, not just a bandaid for cold toes. Roma Boots’ mission has provided for thousands over the last five years through you and your generosity, and we aren’t stopping anytime soon.  We are so thrilled about the new lines and collaborations coming this fall, and we will keep you up to date weekly on here about it all. Thank you! 



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